The genesis.

The founding idea for a regional research institute with a focus on energy technology for renewable energies goes back to Prof. Ritschel (University of Rostock, Chair of Wind Energy Technology) and Carlo Schmidt (Managing Director of WIND-projekt Ingenieur- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft). The background to these considerations was the fact that up to now no research institute in north-eastern Germany has dealt with the topic of renewable energies, wind energy technology and sector coupling. The advantages of such an institute lies in its regional roots and independent expertise in the development and conversion of wind energy use in the federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Jun 2019
  • June 2019 |

    foundation in Börgerende as a gGmbH

Jun 2020
  • June 2020 |

    move to Warnemünde

Dec 2020
  • December 2020 |

    recognition as an affiliated institute of the University of Rostock

  • latest |

    current number of projects and references is increasing