our portfolio

research - development - innovation

Through application-oriented research we promote putting technology transfer into practice.

  • (deeper) integration of renewable energy sources into energy supply systems
  • coupling energy storage systems with renewable energy sources
  • hydrogen as an energy carrier in energy supply systems
  • energy management systems for renewable energies
  • sector coupling on the basis of decentralised renewable energy provision

technical services

We carry out measurements on power generation plants, mainly wind turbines.

  • measurements of loads and structural stresses on components and systems
  • monitoring the operation of energy systems (sound, vibration)
  • sound measurements for localisation of sources up to the infrasound range
  • site-specific measurement of wind profiles at high altitudes
  • technical-economic simulation of complex energy systems

consulting services

We have your future energy system in mind.

  • potential studies & feasibility analyses for decentralised energy supply systems
  • energy concepts for neighbourhoods
  • scientific monitoring of energy measures
  • monitoring the operation of energy supply systems
  • advice on subsidies
  • acceptance studies & public relations for decentralised energy supply systems

project management

We transform your project idea into project results.

  • administrative & technical project management
  • publication of project results
  • funding application