our portfolio

research - development - innovation

Through application-oriented research we promote putting technology transfer into practice.

  • (deeper) integration of renewable energy sources into energy supply systems
  • coupling energy storage systems with renewable energy sources
  • hydrogen as an energy carrier in energy supply systems
  • energy management systems for renewable energies
  • sector coupling on the basis of decentralised renewable energy provision

WEA measurements on prototypes

We carry out measurements on power generation plants, mainly wind turbines.

  • measurements of loads and structural stresses on components and systems
  • monitoring the operation of energy systems (sound, vibration)
  • sound measurements for localisation of sources up to the infrasound range
  • site-specific measurement of wind profiles at high altitudes
  • technical-economic simulation of complex energy systems

Municipal heat planning and energy concepts

We have your energy and your heat in mind.

Holistic municipal heating planning in MV

  • innovative solutions & planning security for the municipality
  • holistic approach with special focus on green power
  • effective communication and management concept
  • working hand in hand with the municipality
  • creation of a digital twin of the municipality
  • building-specific representation of the inventory
  • Identification of local renewable energy potentials
  • Determination of savings potentials

Our local focus on Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a decisive advantage. With an excellent network already in place in the region, we can optimally understand and respond to the needs and challenges of the municipalities.

Our successes speak for themselves. We have successfully assisted municipalities in applying for funding for strategic planning of holistic municipal heat planning within the framework of the municipal guidelines and received the first approval in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. If you submit an application in 2023, you can still secure increased funding of up to 100%. Together, we are shaping the future of energy supply in our region," says Managing Director Dr. Ralf Tschullik.

Energy systems

  • potential studies & feasibility analyses for decentralised energy supply systems
  • energy concepts for neighbourhoods
  • scientific monitoring of energy measures
  • monitoring the operation of energy supply systems
  • advice on subsidies
  • acceptance studies & public relations for decentralised energy supply systems

project management

We transform your project idea into project results.

  • administrative & technical project management
  • publication of project results
  • funding application