Municipal heat planning and energy concepts

Energy concept "Am Werftbecken"

The Hanseatic and University City of Rostock is planning a green, maritime commercial area on an approx. 12-hectare site in the area of the shipyard basin in Warnemünde. The development plan no. 01.SO.203 "Am Werftbecken" is being drawn up for this purpose. The aim of the development plan is to secure areas for maritime-commercial use with a focus on energy technology development and maritime logistics connections. The development of the designated commercial and special areas also focuses on the establishment of companies with a focus on the promotion, development and research of renewable energies, also with reference to the existing offshore facilities, which is particularly in line with the requirements of EEG 2023.

IWEN has been commissioned to draw up an energy concept to supplement the development plan, which includes the following main tasks
1. naming climate and energy-relevant objectives of the project, superordinate planning, classification in the immediate vicinity,
2. determination of basic principles
3. analysis of energy requirements (heat, electricity, gray energy, neighborhood life cycle analysis)
4. presentation of supply options (in and on buildings and outdoors)
5. energy supply concepts
6. evaluation and selection of the preferred option

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