Municipal heat planning and energy concepts

Energy concept for "groter pohl"

On an area of around 22 hectares to the west of the main railway station, known as Groter Pohl, the city is planning an urban quarter with various forms of use such as residential, commercial and community use as well as special areas for research and development, science and the creative industries. The energy concept developed by IWEN serves as a recommendation for action in order to develop a sustainable district concept. A needs analysis was carried out as part of the development process, and the various energy standards were examined and compared with each other. Within the energy concept, a potential analysis was also carried out to investigate the use of renewable energy on site. Various options were evaluated on the basis of several assessment parameters in order to determine a preferred option.


© Graphics and master plan for the residential and special area "Groter Pohl", Rostock: haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050

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