project management

HyTechHafen Rostock

strategy “Energiehafen Rostock"

The initial project within the strategy "Rostock Energy Port" is the "HyTechHafen Rostock". Our institute coordinates the project and is currently responsible for winning European partners (matchmaking) for the joint investment effort IPCEI and the national application. The plan is to commission a 100 megawatt electrolyser and then scale up hydrogen production to more than 1 gigawatt within a decade. For this purpose, an infrastructure is being built in the port, including the coal-fired power plant currently in transformation. With the pipeline connection to the hydrogen backbone network, the creation of an intermediate H2 storage facility and the construction of a hydrogen filling station for the transport sector, the foundations have been laid for a sustainable H2 value chain with potential for expansion. The exclusive use of renewable energies and thus the production of green hydrogen is guaranteed from the very beginning. The electricity required for electrolysis is provided by wind farms that already exist or are being built. The port and its immediate surroundings offer themselves as a promising location, as it can be integrated into the import infrastructure in the long term. Rostock will therefore become part of the European hydrogen economy on the one hand and the starting point of the East German hydrogen pipeline network as part of the European Hydrogen Backbone on the other.

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