Municipal heat planning and energy concepts

Green industrial estate

IWEN has been commissioned by the municipalities of Upahl and Grevesmühlen to draw up an energy concept for the new inter-municipal Upahl/Grevesmühlen industrial estate. The task is to develop the technical, economic and legal framework conditions for the 42-hectare green industrial estate on the A20, taking into account climate neutrality. The flagship industrial estate is to meet the requirements for the "Green Industrial Estate" label of the MV Ministry of Energy and be certified as such.

Among other things, it must therefore be supplied with at least 50% local renewable energy. The city and municipality are setting the highest climate protection standards in order to exceed this 50% and achieve the highest possible level of self-sufficiency in the electricity and heating sector. "Green business parks in MV" is an offer from the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern that enables commercial and industrial areas to commit to sustainable development.

The three basic criteria for certification as a "green business park" are

  1. Renewable energy supply

  2. Measures to improve energy management and

  3. Information events on sustainable land management

Furthermore, numerous additional qualifications can be achieved.

The aim of the energy concept is to set up an overall system of demand and energy supply sequencing based on scenario-based potentials and sector coupling. To ensure that more than 50% of locally generated renewable energy is used, the energy requirements and energy generation potential of potential future companies are estimated and analyzed.

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