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H2 Eco Cube

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As a young research institute, our primary goal is to advance technologies in the field of renewable energies, especially hydrogen, so the idea of setting up our own research laboratory was obvious. Accompanied by the Institute, two Master's students developed and tested the construction of a compact decentralised energy system as part of their final theses. The mobile off-grid energy system based on photovoltaic electricity is used to produce and use hydrogen. In the research laboratory, intelligent energy management systems are used to research various storage methods and utilisation possibilities of off-grid systems. The goals of our research are mobile power generation, energy storage and energy consumption; hydrogen generation and storage in the low-pressure range as well as the integration and testing of intelligent energy management systems.


Through the cooperation with the University of Rostock, the system is optimised by further students and serves as an optimal entry platform for the first handling of hydrogen and the associated control technology. Thus, technical competences as well as safety-related competences around the topic of hydrogen are promoted.


The demonstration system stands for self-sufficient energy systems with hydrogen as a storage medium.

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