WEA measurements on prototypes

noise measurements and analyses

With the increase in wind turbines and their size in the vicinity of residential areas due to the high demand for renewable energy, the noise problem is becoming more important for the people living there. The University of Rostock (Chair of Wind Energy Technology) is planning further research on this topic in cooperation with the IWEN Institute.

With an acoustic camera, not only the noise development of the object under investigation, a wind turbine, can be recorded, but also the exact location. The system has a camera in the middle of microphone arrays for taking photos and films and 112 microphones for recording sounds from 0.8m to very long distances with a frequency range between 10 Hz and 24 kHz. Some measurements have already been carried out on a wind turbine from the company WIND-projekt. It is planned to carry out further measurements and data analyses in combination with our precise infrasound microphone in the future.

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