WEA measurements on prototypes

wind measurement in Bützow

The Rostock district is examining the provision of renewable energy at various locations. Small and medium-sized wind turbines on buildings and land are considered as a potential energy supplier. In order to decide whether certain locations are suitable for the installation of wind turbines and which turbines could be used, information about the wind speed at the planned locations is needed that is as accurate as possible. For example, small wind turbines with a vertical axis and a rated output of a few kW are suitable for installation on roofs. Outside or at the edge of settlements or in industrial areas, the installation of medium-sized wind turbines with a nominal output of 20 to 30 kW is suitable. In order to forecast the energy yield of such turbines, the wind speed must be investigated in advance. For this purpose, our institute was commissioned to carry out wind measurements. The measurement on the roof of the grammar school in Bützow ran from October 2021 to May 2022. The setup consisted of a cup cross anemometer with wind vane, a data logger and a self-sufficient energy supply with battery and PV module. The measurement provided data for a possible erection of a wind turbine at this location.

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