WEA measurements on prototypes

wind measurement Teterow

At the beginning of January, IWEN commissioned a new met mast in Teterow (Mecklenburg Western Pommerania). The measurement should run for about six months. Wind speed and direction are to be recorded at a height of 12 m above ground. Why is the measurement carried out? On the basis of this data, an exact estimate can be made for the possible yields of small or medium-sized wind turbines at this location. However, this requires a second step. The measured wind data are compared with the simultaneous data from a nearby weather station of the Deutscher Wetterdienst. Measurement data from this station are available for many years or decades, so that the long-term mean value of the wind speed and the long-term directional distribution are well known. Even long-term trends, such as those associated with climate change, can be determined from this data. By comparing the wind speeds, long-term values ​​can also be derived for our new measuring location, which would not have been possible with a measurement of a few months.

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