WEA measurements on prototypes

Vertical wind shear

As the demand for renewable energy increases and technology continues to develop, wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. This means that more energy can be generated from wind power. As the available measuring masts are limited to some heights and the conventional methods of calculating wind speed are not accurate enough, lidar technology can be used remotely to measure wind speed and direction at different heights up to 300m above the ground.

WIND-projekt, a leading wind energy company in the Rostock region, commissioned the Nordex large wind turbine with a total height of 239m (hub height + blade) near Grevesmühlen in January 2022. The IWEN Institute, as a partner of the WIND-projekt company, has the task of measuring the wind speed and investigating the vertical wind profile at greater heights. For this experiment, a pulsed Doppler lidar system was installed on the roof of a substation near the wind turbine in November 2021. The lidar device will measure ten different heights simultaneously and be accessible via an LTE router connection.

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