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research - development - innovation

Currently, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding a position at the IWEN Institute for the preparation of an EU application and the formation and coordination of an international consortium.

H2 Eco Cube

research - development - innovation

As a young research institute, our primary goal is to advance technologies in the field of renewable energies, especially hydrogen, so the idea of setting up our own research laboratory was obvious

energy concept for the Amber Resort

consulting services

On the peninsula of Pütnitz, a district of the town of Ribnitz-Damgarten, a unique holiday park is planned which will focus on intensive nature experiences. The partners involved are committed to designing their activities in the spirit of sustainability.

strategy “Energiehafen Rostock"

project management

Many partners are involved in the transformation of Rostock's overseas port from a transhipment centre for crude oil, naphtha and fossil fuels to a producer and importer of climate-neutral fuels.

HyTechHafen Rostock

project management

The initial project within the strategy "Rostock Energy Port" is the "HyTechHafen Rostock". Our institute coordinates the project and is currently responsible for winning European partners (matchmaking) for the joint investment effort IPCEI and the national application.

vibrations and loads

technical services

The wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy plans to analyse the loads on the tower of a prototype wind turbine.

wind profiles at hub height

technical services

The optimisation of wind farms and the analysis of the wake effect have always been important topics in the wind energy industry. Therefore, the Chair of Wind Energy Technology at the University of Rostock decided to...

wind profiles for heights

technical services

As the demand for renewable energy increases and technology continues to develop, wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. This means that more energy can be generated from wind power.

noise measurements and analyses

technical services

With the increase in wind turbines and their size in the vicinity of residential areas due to the high demand for renewable energy, the noise problem is becoming more important for the people living there.

wind measurement in Bützow

technical services

The district of Rostock is examining the provision of renewable energy at various locations. Small and medium-sized wind turbines on buildings and land are considered as a potential energy supplier.